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"The Adoration of Carlos el Omnividente"
"The Aquarium of Amathaunta"
"Buckky Rodriguez"
"Cerberus and the Hydra"
"Evolution Junction"
"The Extrovert Leaves the Introvert to His Own Devices"
"Mar de Marte"
"Natural Selection"
"One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater"
"Peaches and Cream and a Bungalow Dream"
"Pencil Boy"
"Pie and the Eye in the Sky"
"Professor Farglebarle's Garden Party"
"Rotten Ronny's Last Ride"
"Russell's Teapot"
"Secret Rhythms of the Amazon"
"Secrets of Roswell Revealed"
"Problem Child"
"The Extinction"
"Future Coal"
"The Tardigrade Queen"
"Don't Let the Meat Touch the Potatoes"
"West Lenexa Largemouth Skløørg"
"Grand Emporium"
"Mon Oncle Monocle"
"The Clearing"
"Space Kittehs vs. the Aliens"
"Killer Bees"
"Bayou Specter"
"Coltan Congo"
"Great Western Inland"
"Circus Maximus"
"Trailer Park Nation"
"Afternoon Ride"

"Late Night Breakfast"
"Shuddup and Party!"
"Midnight in K.C."
"Holy Cow! You're another year older?"
"Love that Santa Claus!"
"Think I'd Forget? That's a Croc!"
"Having a Bull, Wish You Were Here."

"Provine 'Little Hatch' Hatch"
"Jay 'Hootie' McShann"
"Kansas City Blues & Jazz Festival Comemorative Poster"
"Claude 'Fiddler' Williams"
"Myra Taylor"
"Hill Country"
"Winning Renovations"
"ooh ooh ooh ah ah ahhh"

"Future Coal"
"Canada with Kids"
"Killer Bees"
"Cat and Mouse"
"Mighty Joe Young Uses the Macho 33 Razor"
"Cream Puff"
"Angry Boy Recliner"

Illustration for pediatric asthma medicine.
Illustration for allergy medicine.
Illustration for medicine that fights Crohn's disease.
Illustration for medicine that treats osteoporosis.
Illustration for truck brakes.
Illustration for arthritis treatment ad.
Illustration for vision metering system.
Illustration for toothpaste ad.
Illustration for CD of Christmas music.
Illustration for electric toothbrush.
Illustration for heart medication ad.
Illustration of "couch potato"
Illustration for arthritis treatment ad.
Illustration for anti-obesity drug.
Illustration for AIDS treatment medicine.