Thomas A. Gieseke - Illustration / Art
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"Pie and the Eye in the Sky"

Pie and the Eye in the Sky

There are some things here that probably hint at my non-belief in religions. I could tell you more about what's going on here, if you asked. If you're offended by my non-belief, well, just sit back and enjoy the cool stuff in this painting, anyway. And have a cherry pie kind of day.

Giclée prints available
Certified, signed, titled, and numbered on archival paper from an edition of 20. Image size 14" X 14" (35.56 cm X 35.56 cm) on 15" X 15" (38.1 cm X 38.1 cm) paper size.
Special online price $85.00
Free Shipping!
Original painting available
30" X 30" (76.2 cm X 76.2 cm) Acrylic on canvas, framed.
To purchase original painting, contact Tom regarding shipping and handling costs. Serious inquires only, please.