Thomas A. Gieseke - Illustration / Art
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"Circus Maximus"

Circus Maximus

The thrill of victory and the agony of da feet. And being bombarded with advertising. Because that is what sports is all about.

This all started several years ago with a doodle of a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a horse. I thought, “Yeah. I have to work that into a painting someday.”

Giclée prints available
Certified, signed, titled, and numbered on archival paper from an edition of 20. Image size 12” X 32” (30.48 cm X 81.28 cm) on 13” X 33” (33.02 cm X 83.82 cm) paper size.
Special online price $120.00
Free Shipping!
Original painting available,
Acrylic on canvas on panel. 96” X 36” (243.84 cm X 91.44 cm) Framed.
To purchase original painting, contact Tom regarding shipping and handling costs. Serious inquires only, please.