Thomas A. Gieseke - Illustration / Art
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"Russell's Teapot"

Russell's Teapot

Russell's teapot is an analogy created by philosopher Bertrand Russell for shifting the burden of proof of something unprovable away from the claimant. Russell said there's a teapot floating around in space between Earth and Mars, but it's so tiny that no one can see it. If you don't believe so, prove that it isn't there. Same could be said for the existence of gods, creationism, flying saucers, or even the flying spaghetti monster.

Giclée prints available
Certified, signed, titled, and numbered print on archival paper from an edition of 20. Image size 14” X 14” (35.56 cm X 35.56 cm) on 15” X 15” (38.1 cm X 38.1 cm) paper size.
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Original painting sold
24" X 24" (60.96 cm X 60.96 cm) Acrylic on canvas.