Thomas A. Gieseke - Illustration / Art
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This piece was inspired by Frank Zappa's song "Let's Make The Water Turn Black" with its lyrics "And all the while on a shelf in the shed, Kenny's little creatures on display". I was going to do a whole shelf full of mutant, pickled critters in jars, but I got lazy at the last minute and only did one. Maybe later.

Giclée prints available
Certified, signed, titled, and numbered print on archival paper from an edition of 20. Image size 6” X 8” (15.24 cm X 20.32 cm) on 7” X 9” (17.78 cm X 22.86 cm) paper size.
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Original painting sold
15" X 20" (38.1 cm X 50.8 cm) Acrylic on canvas